Moorebank Intermodal Terminal

Project Profile:

The Moorebank Intermodal Terminal Development is a significant infrastructure development that will improve the movement of freights through Port Botany and throughout Sydney.

Client: CPB Contractors

Location: New South Wales

Status: Current

O’Halloran Management Services Engagement:

During the project, O’Halloran Management Services is contracted to CPB Contractors for the Rail Infrastructure portion of the project of which they are working under their safety policies and protocols.

O’Halloran Management Services ensured all safety documentation and procedures are consistently updated to meet the requirements of CPB Contractors

O’Halloran management services provided:

  • 4ton – 25ton Excavators
  • Skid Steer Plant
  • Non-Destructive Excavation
  • Specialised Trucks including;
    • Flat Bed
    • Tipper Trucks (including Side Tip)
    • Crane Trucks
    • Bogies
  • 12ton Multi-Tip Dumpers
  • Balloon Tyre Dumpers
  • Hi-Rail Equipment including;
    • Hi-Rail Excavators
    • Hi-Rail Vacuum Trucks
    • Hi-Rail 12t Multi-Tip Dumpers
    • Hi-Rail Crane Trucks
    • Hi-Rail Tipper Trucks (including Side Tip)
    • Hi-Rail Vacuum Excavation Trucks